Soufun International
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Instant online shop one minute,open the door in China

Set up shop, low cost

Without develop and maintain, you can set up a shop one minute, showing property listings on a large scale, systematically

Property listings management

Aautonomously update and consult by perfect listings management system.


Browse overseas properties with PC, wireless client and APP anytime and anywhere£¬maximizing the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Operational security

Strong product technology and service team provide you with a full range of technical support and after-sales service

Core Strengths
  • Display property listings multiple times

    All property listings display at the
    corresponding country listing
    except overseas buyers website
    total listings

  • Reach mass Chinese buyers

    Cover 10 million Soufun members,
    offering exclusive access to Chinese
    buyers searching for international property

  • Communication with buyers

    Communicate with buyers by telephone,
    qq, Wechat, Skype, page messages and
    other platform

many series products for customers to choose
International agent
  • Value price

    More priced at a minimum $ 39 per month, being Soufun Bronze Member qualifications

  • Customized page

    Exclusive agent will get a personal page, displying all the listings available in the personal pages

  • Gold agent privilege

    Gold agent will get Soufun overseas experts logo, showing avatar , contact information and listings to attract more buyers

Brand stores
  • Build brand

    Build brand image , display business logo, reports the latest real estate information, analysis of market trends

  • Popular listings

    recommending listings help sales

  • HD Pictures

    systematically display, large-size picture for property listings

Listing Steps
  • Get the qualification

  • Purchase products, get authorized

  • Complete the certification, upload listings